The Ministry of the Economy victim of a hacker attack

Facade of the Ministry of the Economy on the Esplanade des Ministères. Photo: Geraldo Magela / Senate Agency

A hacker attack was carried out on the internal network of the National Treasury Secretariat on Friday night (13), the Ministry of the Economy reported on Saturday (14). The attack was of the “ransomware” type, in which hackers restrict access to system resources and demand a ransom to unlock it.

“The containment measures were immediately applied and the federal police called,” said the Ministry of the Economy in a statement. “The effects of the penal action are assessed, at this first point, by security specialists from the National Treasury Secretariat and the Digital Government Secretariat.”

According to the file, the attack “did not cause damage to the structural systems of the National Treasury Secretariat, such as the Integrated Financial Administration System (SIAFI) and those linked to the public debt”.

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