The second attempt at a humanitarian runner fails this Sunday

Ukrainian refugees arriving in Berlin | Photo: EFE/EPA/FILIP SINGER

Attacks by Russian forces on Sunday halted plans for another attempt to evacuate civilians in the southeastern Ukrainian city of Mariupol. So says the adviser to the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the country, Anton Gershchenko. Earlier, Russia had confirmed a new temporary ceasefire, for the evacuation of refugees, after the failed attempt on Saturday (5).

“The second attempt at a humanitarian corridor for civilians in Mariupol again ended in shelling by the Russians,” Gershchenko said on Telegram. He also posted a video from the National Guard’s Azov Regiment, saying “the occupiers broke the agreement on opening a humanitarian corridor for about 200,000 civilians for the second time.”

The temporary ceasefire was expected from 12 p.m. this Sunday (local time). In addition to Mariupol, which suffered without water or electricity for at least five days, the city of Volnovaja also expected the opening of a humanitarian corridor this Sunday.

On Monday (7), a new negotiation attempt will take place between the Russian and Ukrainian delegations. The debate on the feasibility of humanitarian corridors should be on the agenda of the meeting.

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