The Senate approves the deputy creating Auxílio Brasil, the text will sanction

Senate Plenary | Photo: Marcos Oliveira / Marcos Oliveira / Senate Agency

On Thursday (2), the Senate approved the interim measure that creates Brazil Aid, the new Bolsa Família. The deputy had to be approved before December 7 to become law. The text goes to the sanction of President Jair Bolsonaro. Journalist Roberto Rocha (PSDB-MA) changed the wording of the text approved by the Chamber and returned to allowing families to remain on the waiting list for the service. The Senate Board of Directors understood that this change is not a reason for the MP to return to the analysis of MPs.

The government’s new social program began to flow on November 17, shortly after the end of emergency aid, with an average value of R $ 224.41 per family. However, the government intends to pay R $ 400 per month, an amount which is to be made possible by the PEC’s approval of court decisions. Previously, the Senate had approved the CEP in two rounds, but the proposal is expected to be re-analyzed by the House, as senators amended the text.

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