The trade balance is in deficit of 1.3 billion US dollars in November

The trade balance posted its first negative result of the year in November. Photo: Michel Willian / Archives / Gazeta do Povo / Archives

The trade balance recorded a deficit of 1.307 billion US dollars in November of this year, which means that imports exceeded exports. According to the Economy Ministry, exports totaled US $ 20.296 billion, while imports totaled US $ 21.603 billion in the month. The result represents the first negative balance of the year.

From January to November 2021, compared to the same period last year, exports increased by 34.9% and totaled US $ 256.10 billion. Imports, on the other hand, increased by 39.7% and totaled US $ 198.91 billion. During the year, the balance posted a surplus of US $ 57.19 billion, growing 20.5%.

In November, agriculture grew by 16.5% (US $ 3.01 billion); the extractive industry grew by 14.8% (US $ 4.81 billion); and the manufacturing industry grew by 28.3% (US $ 12.34 billion). In the cumulative result of the year, compared to the previous year, the sectors which presented the highest growth in exports were agriculture (20.7%), mining and quarrying (67.6%) and manufacturing (26.5%).

In November imports, growth was 61.8% in agriculture (US $ 0.53 billion); 248.3% in the extractive industry (US $ 1.74 billion); and 43.5% in the manufacturing industry (US $ 18.81 billion). In the cumulative result of the year, agriculture and animal husbandry grew by 32.2% and totaled US $ 4.89 billion; the extractive industry, 91.1% and reached 11.40 billion US dollars; and manufacturing industry, 37% and reached 179.44 billion US dollars. With information from AgĂȘncia Brasil.

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