“There is no chance of approving reforms next year,” the head of government said

| Photo: Pedro França / Senate Agency

Government House Leader Ricardo Barros (PP-PR) said he saw no chance of approving the reforms next year. Barros believes that the spraying of candidates for the presidency of the Republic in the electoral dispute should make the analysis of the proposals impractical. “There is no chance of approving the reforms next year,” the congressman told Valor Econômico on Wednesday (21).

Barros believes parties like the PDT and Podemos, for example, both with pre-presidential candidates, will not vote to secure the reforms presented by Jair Bolsonaro’s government in the year the president runs for office. re-election. He cited the precatório’s PEC vote, when PDT congressmen cast 15 votes in favor of the text in the first round, however, some of them changed their position after pressure from Ciro Gomes. Podemos was against the PEC and had the support of his pre-candidate, Sergio Moro.

Barros also said governors should oppose advancing tax reform, especially those who seek re-election. In addition, the lack of articulation by the government to approve them weighs on the projects, according to the deputy. For the reforms to be approved, the support of 308 deputies and 49 senators in two rounds of Congress is needed.

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