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Great Place to Work rewards the best companies to work for in São Paulo.| Photo: Advertising/GPTW

The Great Place to Work (GPTW) awarded this Thursday (17) the 100 best companies to work for in the State of São Paulo in 2021, half of which are located in the metropolitan area and the other half inside . This was the third regionalized edition in São Paulo and brought together the registration of 1,046 companies, an increase of 28% compared to the previous award. In total, they employ 1.324 million people.

The São Paulo price is not only segmented by region, but also by company size. Thus, 20 large, 20 medium-sized and 10 small businesses were awarded in the metropolitan region. Inside, the ranking lists 20 small, 20 medium and 10 large companies.

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“Being in this ranking is a very big difference. There are many companies and that is why it is very competitive. And being among the winners in São Paulo makes these companies come out on top,” comments Great Place to Work’s Director of Relations and Consulting, Victor Garcia.

The regional ranking is particularly important for companies located in the interior, since they are able to gain visibility in the market, placing themselves even alongside companies consolidated with several years of the GPTW seal. Plus, it’s a way to encourage other companies from within to follow the best experiences in people management.

“It’s a growing list that inspires other companies to follow the same path. When a company in the campaign is part of the São Paulo ranking, all companies in the campaign are exposed. And they achieve this at a level of competitiveness excellence, increasing the power to attract talent,” says Ambassador and Regional Director of the São Paulo Interior of the Great Place to Work, Hilgo Gonçalves.

Not to mention that the pandemic has changed the geographical problem of work. Today, the search for quality of life is more present and adding it to work often means finding a position outside the major urban centers.

“Research shows that people seek quality of life, convergence of goals, and the opportunity to grow and develop. And that they can find everywhere”, adds Gonçalves.

Humanization and diversity in companies

The third edition of São Paulo’s Great Place to Work clearly shows that certain issues, such as quality of life, are at the heart of the best companies to work for. More broadly, concern for people is common to all these companies. By putting people at the center, they come out on top and attract even more talent. This, by the way, is a response to people’s own tendencies to seek more than just a job. They want to feel involved and find a convergence of objectives.

“People are no longer just looking for a job. They want meaning. What got us here in terms of people management will not be what gets us going. Companies that are already in the GPTW put people at the center of management,” says Garcia. “Salaries and benefits are no longer retention factors. What attracts the employee is the experience as a whole, how much he will grow and learn and how his values ​​are aligned with those of the company”, he reinforces.

“Today, people work to earn money, be happy and have meaning. The best companies to work for are those that focus on the good of society. They take care of the people first and then they look at the result,” adds Gonçalves.

It is no coincidence that among the companies that appear in the São Paulo GPTW ranking, there are common indicators of this humanization, such as:

97% of employees say they are proud to tell others that they work for this company; 97% say that when they joined the company, they felt welcome; and 98% say people are treated well regardless of color, ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender or age.

This last element is more and more decisive for the classification, which clearly shows that there is no longer any room for discrimination within companies. The theme of diversity is treated seriously and not just as a passing thing. On the contrary, it is something which is already present and which has no return. And this is what will determine the success of businesses. Without diversity, the path is failure.

“There will be no future for companies that do not look at all audiences. Companies that don’t really work with diversity and understand that it’s part of society won’t move forward. People won’t want this type of business anymore,” Garcia said.

When looking for a convergence of goals, people will also choose companies for this bias. In other words, companies that prioritize diversity will have the best talent. “When there is competition for talent, they go to businesses that are diverse, inclusive and value people. These are businesses where people have a voice and can be themselves. In this way, they contribute with more ideas and participation, and this changes the company”, concludes Gonçalves.

The best companies to work for in São Paulo in 2021

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