Truckers criticize MP’s approval to create electronic document

Road strike in 2018: the truckers’ strike resurfaces with the call to demonstrate on September 7 | Photo: Marcelo Camargo / Agência Brasil

The approval of the conservatory measure (MP) 1,051 Wednesday (1) reacted badly to the truck drivers. The text, which creates and frames the Electronic Transport Document (DT-e) and unifies the documents necessary for goods transport operations, was approved by the Senate with two texts criticized by truck drivers and which have the potential to “ignite” the promise to stop. the country’s highways on September 7 and a new strike by truck drivers, as reported by Gazeta do Povo.

The text was approved providing for an amnesty until May 31 for carriers who did not respect the minimum freight floor, provided for by law 13.703 / 18, and the authorization for the truck driver to engage an association. or a union to manage its freight rights. The contracting entity would be responsible for fiscal obligations and tax collection, in what has been called “uberization” of the truck driver by category.

The National Confederation of Autonomous Transporters (CNTA), a representative body of truck drivers, has classified the MP’s approval with these two points as “present to shippers”, since the DT-e will favor direct contractualization between truck drivers and shippers, but provides companies with the administration of the rights of self-employed workers.

“The CNTA has consistently proposed that the law prohibit carriers, contractors and operators from acting as administrators of the rights of TACs (Autonomous Cargo Carriers) so that truck drivers are not subject to conditions imposed by the owners of goods and totally dependent on those who hire them “, criticizes the entity. The CNTA understands that, in the free market process, it is” unacceptable that the autonomous truck driver is held hostage by strong economic groups, such as the ‘agribusiness’.

The organization will act to propose to President Jair Bolsonaro the veto of the two sections. “It is worth saying that the CNTA’s considerations on the text of the DT-e have never been contested by parliamentarians and the government, so that there has been a good understanding of the problems pointed out and a recognition of the arguments presented. The CNTA will continue in the fight, remaining firm in defending the interests of autonomous truck drivers, ”he informs.

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