Truckers say they won’t go to Sérgio Reis protest

Wallace Landim, or Chorão, says they are trying to use the trucker category as a mass for political agendas that are not theirs. Photo: Reproduction / Facebook

National trucker leaders said on Sunday (15) that they were unaware of the protest called by singer and former MP Sérgio Reis. According to the compatriot, “truckers, farmers and artists” will be in Brasilia, between September 4 and 6, in a “movement to save the country”.

In a video on social media, Wallace Landim, the Chorão, president of the Brazilian Association of Motor Vehicle Drivers (Abrava), warns that they are trying to use the category as a mass for political agendas that are not theirs. “We are not involved in politics, neither in favor of the government or against the government, nor in favor of the STF or against the STF,” Chorão said.

According to the audios broadcast by the WhatsAspp groups, the demonstration called by Sérgio Reis will defend the printed vote, the impeachment of the ministers of the Supreme Court and will bring unconditional support to the government of President Jair Bolsonaro. “I want to make it clear that we are not participating in this,” said Chorão.

Plinio Dias, president of the National Council for Road Freight Transport (CNTRC), is even more categorical and even pokes fun at the singer. “Sérgio Reis doesn’t even represent the artists, let alone the truck drivers. We don’t know the people who are next to him,” Dias told UOL journalist Chico Alves.

According to Dias, the leaders of the category are concerned with improving working conditions and not with political agendas, “CNTRC president told UOL.” The trucks that will participate are financed by the agribusiness.

The president of Abrava also criticizes Sérgio Reis. “As a federal deputy, you never stood on the platform to speak in favor of the truck drivers, and neither did you support us in the strike of 2018,” he dismissed.

“Truckers are not masses to maneuver,” says the deputy linked to the category

Federal MP Nereu Crispim (PSL-RS), president of the Parliamentary Front of Truck Drivers and CET Drivers, also released a video criticizing the pro-Bolsonaro act. “Truck drivers do not maneuver en masse and will not participate on September 7 in this scoundrel movement sponsored by Mr. Sérgio Reis, which even inflates some who call themselves truck drivers,” he said.

On Saturday (14), as news of the protest with Sérgio Reis’ truck drivers spread across the internet, national category leaders attended a meeting at the port of Santos to address issues such as improving category working conditions, the price of diesel and the road freight table, an old demand of truck drivers that has not been implemented until today.

According to the president of the Union of Autonomous Road Freight Carriers of Baixada Santista and Vale do Ribeira (Sindicam), Luciano Santos de Carvalho, all those present were against the act called by the country singer. At the meeting, it was decided that a new meeting of truck drivers would take place, this time on September 18, in Brasilia, when the date of a new national stop can be decided.

Many anonymous truckers are also claiming in social media groups that they will not be attending the rally until September 7.

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