TSE will analyze on the 22nd whether the government can lower fuel prices in an election year

Seat of the Superior Electoral Tribunal (TSE).| Photo: Antonio Augusto/Secom/TSE..

The Superior Electoral Tribunal (TSE) has scheduled for next Tuesday (22) the analysis of a consultation made by the federal government on the possibility of lowering fuel prices in an election year. The consultation was presented in February by the Attorney General’s Office (AGU), as current legislation prohibits the Union from granting new benefits in the year of the election. Minister Carlos Horbach is the rapporteur for the case.

AGU wants to check whether a potential fuel tax cut by Congress can be overruled by the judiciary. The expectation of the Electoral Court is that the merits of the interrogation will not be analyzed, since it is a concrete case and this type of procedure aims to discuss abstract themes, Valor Econômico reported. The General Electoral Prosecutor’s Office (PGE) and the technical sector of the TSE have come forward in this regard.

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