Uniki Movie Review and Ratings

Harikrishna Drama Fame Ashish Gandhi, ‘Rangula Ratnam’ Fame Chitra Shukla Combination is a film Uniki made under the banner of Evergreen Entertainments. The film, directed by Rajkumar Bobby, was released today. Let’s go into the review and find out to what extent the film impressed the audience.


Born into an ordinary middle class family, Subba Lakshmi (Chitra Shukla) worked hard from an early age to become an IAS officer. Coming as East Godavari District Collector. Subba Lakshmi, who aims to serve the society and the poor, has some difficulties with local bullies. What are the conditions she has faced so far? How did she overcome them? However, in this order she is attacked. Who actually planned to kill her? Why is Abhi (Ashish Gandhi) getting emotional for Subba Lakshmi (Chitra Shukla) in the middle? What is her relationship with Abhi? Did Subba Lakshmi finally achieve what she set out to do? Or not? Is the rest of the story.

Plus points:

Some of the emotional scenes in this movie are good. Also the twist revealed by the TNR character in the climax is great. When it comes to the performance of the actors .. Ashish Gandhi, Chitra Shukla, TNR, Naga Mahesh all acted well. Ashish Gandhi, with his serious look, made his mark in some scenes and created seriousness in others.

Ashish Gandhi, who played the hero in this film, did full justice to his role. Chitra Shukla, who played the main lead in the film, impressed with her performance. Her look is also great. TNR, ‘Rangasthalam’ Naga Mahesh, Appaji Ambarisha, Prabhavati, Tik Tak Durgarao and the rest of the cast also did justice to their roles. Special mention should be made of the dialogues in this film. Some of the dialogues exploded well.

Minus points:

Some scenes in this movie may be of some interest to the general audience but .. the rest of the audience as well as the average audience will not like this movie. The movie is full of silly melodrama and overdose. Moreover, most of the scenes in the film are completely cinematic without any interest. How interesting scenes come to be that are no longer in-valve in a play that stretches completely away from the original reality.

Every scene in the story is sloppy and ends in a convincing but original way. In addition to that the treatment also went on with the boring play and killed the intresting in the movie. The flashback track to the hero character is also not really good.

The main minus points of the film are the lack of proper plow in the film, the lack of interesting content in the main treatment, and the fact that all the key scenes in the pre – climax and second half are sloppy.

Technical Department:

Speaking of the technical department .. the director tried to impress in some emotional scenes but could not write the storylines in an impressive way. Cinematography is okay anymore. The music provided by the music director is good. Songs are good too. The editor is okay. Production values ​​adopted by the producers are good.


The film opens with the story of a female collector who inspires Uniki and is ultimately disappointing. The film did not go down well. The main treatment was not interesting, the film was sloppy as it was sloppy, and the boring play hurt the outcome of the film. But, some of the dialogues are good. As well as some scenes, the performance of the cast is okay. However, overall, the film is disappointing

Ratings: 2/5

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