“We must pass the knife on the S system”, says Sachsida of scholarships for young people

Secretary of Economic Policy at the Ministry of the Economy, Adolfo Sachsida. Photo: Edu Andrade / Ascom / ME.

The Secretary for Economic Policy at the Ministry of the Economy, Adolfo Sachsida, said on Friday (23) that it was necessary “to put the knife through the S system” to help low-income young people. Sistema S gathers contributions to Sesi, Senai, Sesc, Senac, among others. Sachsida defended the transfer of 6 billion reais from Sistema S to the vocational training program for young people developed by the government. The information was published by Estadão.

“We have to pass the knife on Sistema S, we have to take money from them to pass it on to the young man in need, so that he has a chance in his life to have a job, to qualify and to be able to. have a decent life for the future. System S has billions of reais in cash, it is unacceptable not to agree to contribute to a qualifying program for needy young people, ”Sachsida said during a live broadcast promoted by Valor Econômico.

Before taking office, the Minister of the Economy, Paulo Guedes, promised to “put the knife” in the resources of Sistema S. According to the secretary, Sistema S collects around 20 billion reais per year.

The government program intends to give a stipend of R $ 550 to low-income youth and informal workers to attend specialization courses, with R $ 275 paid by Sistema S and the other half by the company. In a statement, Sesi and Senai deplored and qualified Sachsida’s statements as a “profound lack of knowledge” on the contribution of institutions to the integration of young Brazilians into the labor market.

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