What to expect from inflation in 2022, after the sharp rise in 2021

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– For 2022, the median of market inflation expectations in Brazil is 5.03%, according to the Central Bank’s Focus report

*) Inflation weighed on the pockets of Brazilians in 2021. The index stood at 10.06%, according to data published by the Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics, IBGE.

This is the biggest increase since 2015 and well above the target of 5.25% set by the Central Bank. The main items that contributed to the increase are transport (21.03%) – boosted by the rise in petroleum products – and housing (13.05%) – influenced by the increase in electricity.

A series of factors explain the sharp rise: food and fuels were stimulated by the rise in commodity prices and the rise of the dollar; energy has become more expensive due to the worst water situation in 91 years, and the stimulation of demand has stimulated consumption.

Well, what to expect for inflation in 2022? Fortunately, there is reason to believe that this year it will be smaller than last year. And it is on these reasons to believe that this episode of the 15 Minutes podcast is talking about.

The guest is the editor-in-chief of the Economics team of Gazeta do Povo, Vandré Kramer.

The 15 Minutes podcast is a space for discussion on important topics, always with the analysis and participation of the Gazeta do Povo team of journalists. From Monday to Friday, in a light and dynamic way, with the duration which adapts to the affluence of your day. The presentation is by journalist Márcio Miranda.

Factsheet: “15 minutes”, Gazeta do Povo news podcast # Presentation and script: Márcio Miranda; content director: Rodrigo Fernandes; production team: Maria Eduarda Scroccaro editing: Leonardo Bechtloff; distribution strategy: Marcus Ayres.

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