World Bank predicts 9 years of pandemic impact on Brazil jobs

World Bank survey shows employment data | Photo: Albari Rosa / Archives / Gazeta do Povo

A report released by the World Bank on Tuesday (20) points out that the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic in Brazil could impact jobs and wages in Brazil for nine years.

“In Brazil and Ecuador, although workers with higher education do not suffer the impacts of a wage crisis and only suffer short-term impacts in terms of employment, the effects on employment and wages of the average worker last another nine years. beginning of the crisis ”, we read in the report“ Employment in crisis: paths to better jobs in Latin America after the Covid-19 ”.

The World Bank also asserts that the “big sequelae” tend to persist in Latin America for many years, with a “long and significant” reduction in formal employment rates. IBGE data shows unemployment in Brazil was 14.7% in the quarter ended in April, reaching 14.8 million people.

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